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Message for SAMDAP Students by Jeff Lebow

This is short message I recorded for the SAMDAP students in Khoy, Iran after receiving getting  askype message from Morteza that included:

…as it is clear after 20 hours we will begin our conference on the topic of ” the improtance of IT and online activities in educational and language teaching and learning activities.

Also our SAMPAD students got Top Scores in Iran because of making a Macaroni bridge with 93gm and tolerating 18kg they won the festival prize. Also in this group of student are the students who are working with me online activities. So I would like your message will encourage them in their online learning activities.Give my regards to your wife and family.

Best wishes

-Morteza Barin


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Five Things Most People Don't Know About Me

- I quit my job selling cookware in order to join a company selling encyclopedias ... er, I mean ' home learning programs'.   
#1 - I was an encyclopedia salesman.

I never wrote for the high school newspaper or literary magazine and am not known as a very active blogger, but...

A Discussion on Worldbridges Sustainability

A Discussion on Worldbridges Sustainability
November 16, 2006

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While hanging out on air before EdTech Brainstorm, Brad Hicks skyped in and asked Jeff & Dave about the sustainability of Worldbridges and The Webcast Academy.  The discussion that ensued covered non-profit possibilities, other financial considerations, potential management structures and how to avoid participant burnout. 

Chat Log Below


Pusanweb 2.0-The LaunchCast

Pweb2.0 Launchcast
November 5, 2006
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  Sarah, Jeffery, & Jeff webcast this live discussion as Pusanweb 2.0 launched with this new Drupal based back end and this temporarily ugly new design. We'd been crawling slowly towards the launch of the new-and-improved Pusanweb for way too long and decided we were finally ready to go....well, not really, but we decided to launch anyway. Our discussion included a bit about the history of Pweb, our very overdue need to renovate, some details about what is envisioned for the 2.0 version of the site and how community members can get involved, and the Classified Policy Debate (see here and here for details).  Stay tuned for the next Pusanweb Town Hall Meeting soon.



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