The Journey Begins... again

So, I've 'started' my personal blog a few times already and never really got it going. Now, armed with a fresh Drupal 5.0 beta and a Flock .7 I begin again.

I'm thinking that I should at least start by using this as a 'public personal archive' of the content I'm involved with producing and a To Do list/calendar of what's ahead.

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Podcast Acacemy Boston - 2006

Podcast Academy Coverage - An Experiment in Mobile Webcasting 
The 2nd Podcast Academy was held at Boston University on April 28 & 29, 2006.  BU provided a high quality Real Video stream of presentations. During breaks, Jeff  used his 'mobile webcasting setup' to interview presenters and attendees while Doug anchored the stream in Victoria

Part 1 - Download mp3 ( 22:09, 10.1MB)


Doug Kaye

Politics & Podcasting - Hour#11 of our 2006 New Year Webcastathon Discussion

Politics & Podcasting

Part#2 of our New Year Webcastathon Discussion

with Scott Fletcher of Podcheck Review

December 31, 2005

Download mp3

As our discussion with Scott Fletcher continues, we begin addressing the effect that podcasting and new media might have in politics and society. We are joined by Rob Walch, Stephen Downes, and John Mullaney.

What are the does and don’ts for podcasting politicians? What role will podcasters play in shaping the public debate and the electoral process? Why would five charming guys like ourselves spend New Year’s Eve discussing such things on a webcast? We attempt to address these and other fascinating questions as the clock ticks down to 2006.

Worldbridges Livewire #1 - My first live (potentially interactive) webcast


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