Adjusting to Feeds and dusting off jl.net


After years of neglect, I'm dusting off this site and once again working on putting together a decent personal site that will aggregate webcasts from assorted Worldbridges sites, serve as an archive for presentation materials, and, on occasion, feature the stray blog post.  Getting ready for the next week's Busan Kotesol conference was the impetus, but some tweaking has been long overdue.

Pusanweb 2.0-The LaunchCast

Pweb2.0 Launchcast
November 5, 2006
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  Sarah, Jeffery, & Jeff webcast this live discussion as Pusanweb 2.0 launched with this new Drupal based back end and this temporarily ugly new design. We'd been crawling slowly towards the launch of the new-and-improved Pusanweb for way too long and decided we were finally ready to go....well, not really, but we decided to launch anyway. Our discussion included a bit about the history of Pweb, our very overdue need to renovate, some details about what is envisioned for the 2.0 version of the site and how community members can get involved, and the Classified Policy Debate (see here and here for details).  Stay tuned for the next Pusanweb Town Hall Meeting soon.


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