Thoughts about tomorrow's Koreabridge Webast


Been gathering my thoughts in preparation for tomorrow's Koreabridge Webcast. Topics that I'd like to address at some point - either tomorrow or during future webcasts.

  • The Vision/Big Picture
    -a media channel that helps  those interested in Korea connect, learn, and collaborate
    - how  Pweb/KB fit into Worldbridges
  • Standards & Values
    - where do we draw lines?
  • The Business Model
    - show who the money?
  • Community Contribution
    - giving back, starting last year
  • Content Producers
    - what's in it for them?
  • Ratings & Reviews (businesses, employers/recruiters, content)
    - balancing the value of crowdsourcing with the headache of potential lawsuits
  • Forums
    - consolidation?  range of categories?
  • Advertising
    - more than banner ads, interactive advertising
  • Other Sites
    - collaborate if interested, cordial co-existence (no Pweb mafia)
  • Tech Stuff
    - Drupalers wanted,  OpenX vs Google Ad Manager,
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