KOTESOL Post-show Roundtable Discussion

Post-show Roundtable KOTESOL Discussion
following the 2010 KOTESOL National Candidates Discussion

October 3, 2010

Participants:  Peadar Callaghan, Robert Capriles, Sara Davila, Matt Doyon, Doug Huffer, Aaron Jolly,  Jeff Lebow, Stafford Lumsden, Bryan Stoakley

Topics Discussed
00:30  - Notification of Conference Session Acceptance or Rejection
06:40 - Website Status & Recording Conference Presentations
10:00  - Role of 1st VP
13:00  Korean Participation & Possibilities of a Korean Language Special Interest Group
22:30 -  Openness, Transparency, Making Organization Information Public
27:10 - More Website Update Details, Mea Culpa, & Prospects for Professional Intervention
37:35 - National Budget
40:00 - Final Words, We KOTESOL

Onsite Voting at the International Conference Oct. 16~17
More information about elections & candidates at: http://kotesol.org/?q=elections

Chat Log

08:20:39  saradavila ->  Argh...skype is not working for me...
08:20:54  saradavila ->  will try to get it going...
08:21:48  Stoakley ->  teehee...this site uses Drupal...ZeroPoint Theme
08:22:11  Stoakley ->  and has Suckerfish enabled
08:22:41  saradavila ->  working on it.
08:23:15  saradavila ->  Jeff, can you send me a skype request.
08:24:10  saradavila ->  Hi, jeff I think I just sent you a request can you skype me.
08:25:05  jmart ->  What is a ustream?
08:25:32  dhuffer ->  the streaming audio
08:25:32  jmart ->  I don't think I have skype on this computer.
08:25:46  jmart ->  oh, like turn off your radio before calling in.
08:25:54  dhuffer ->  yup
08:26:13  Stoakley ->  We will be recording sessions.
08:26:34  Stoakley ->  I will be putting it up on our official website.
08:26:36  jmart ->  oops I think we have two Jeffs here.
08:26:53  Stoakley ->  I am remaking the website right now.
08:27:01  Stoakley ->  I am.
08:27:12  Stoakley ->  Skype address?
08:27:28  jl ->  koreabridge
08:27:37  Stoakley ->  nope
08:36:29  dhuffer ->  that's what peader said
08:39:22  Stoakley ->  Yes, this is true about Korean teachers, but "easy" ways about it.
08:42:14  Stoakley ->  Competence for image?
08:42:54  jmart ->  I don't know everyones voices so I don't know who is talking.
08:43:26  Stoakley ->  Aaron Jolly
08:43:32  Stoakley ->  Peader
08:43:43  MattinDaegu ->  in encouraging more people of one particular group to be in leadership positions
08:44:00  MattinDaegu ->  not to say that Koreans would not be competent
08:44:47  MattinDaegu ->  I agree with what Peadar said that it should be 'everyone' as opposed to focusing membship drives
08:45:38  Stoakley ->  smooth
08:45:49  Stoakley ->  lol
08:45:53  jmart ->  We should have presentations in Korean for Korean teachers.
08:46:45  MattinDaegu ->  why not in French for teachers from Quebec?  Or Afrikaans for South Africans?
08:46:55  jmart ->  Not all Korean schools have the same schedule.
08:47:22  Stoakley ->  The Daejeon-ChungCheong Chapter SPECIFICALLY changed meetings to cater to K-teachers
08:47:30  jmart ->  MattinDaegu: We are in Korea and most people are working with Koreans.
08:47:45  MattinDaegu ->  true, but we are all teaching English
08:48:09  MattinDaegu ->  and this brings up the issue of competence
08:50:29  jmart ->  Accademic language fluency is not the same as conversational fluency and you have to meet people where they are. I did meet a teacher who used a lot of strategies to make up for his lack of fluency. Teaching about teaching would be something to present in Korean for Korean teachers.
08:51:03  Stoakley ->  Minutes are available.
08:51:20  jmart ->  What about competent administrators who want to improve English teaching in their schools, but don't speak English themselves?
08:52:01  dhuffer ->  Good points jmart
08:52:27  dhuffer ->  BT's fault!
08:52:32  MattinDaegu ->  that's a great idea, I agree heartily...but I wonder if it would take away from resources available...I personally have no problem with Korean sessions being offered
08:52:37  dhuffer ->  ok, never mind
08:52:52  MattinDaegu ->  I just wonder if it would create additional bloqs to be concerned with
08:53:24  jmart ->  I don't speak Korean so it would be up to our Korean speakers to offer presentations and workshops for Koreans.
08:53:45  dhuffer ->  the budget?
08:54:01  MattinDaegu ->  which, as has been mentioned, is an issue given how few Korean members we have at the moment
08:54:29  MattinDaegu ->  would every conference be capable of offering such programs?
08:55:41  MattinDaegu ->  I know for the Daegu chapter there are only a few regular Korean members, and while they are great and would be able to run such a program, does every chapter have such availability and would making them a national issue risk alienating Korean members in chapters where such a program is not available?
08:56:21  dhuffer ->  I don't think we need Korean presentations at every conference.  A SIG would be a good start for Koreans to communicate and be involved
08:56:35  MattinDaegu ->  fair enough
08:57:53  dhuffer ->  why don't we use interns?
08:58:02  MattinDaegu ->  grad students
08:58:28  dhuffer ->  yes, or even compsci undergrads.  resume foder for them
08:59:10  MattinDaegu ->  so that would be an HR issue
08:59:39  dhuffer ->  BT - will the new site look a little more contemporary?
09:00:31  MattinDaegu ->  I'm sure that it would be quite easy to find a grad student willing to pad their CV with a volunteer position
09:00:41  MattinDaegu ->  and a highly competent one at that
09:00:49  dhuffer ->  no class tomorrow :D
09:01:46  dhuffer ->  and with an English speaking org.  that's a good ref for someone
09:01:52  MattinDaegu ->  exactly
09:03:39  dhuffer ->  what budget??
09:03:43  MattinDaegu ->  national
09:03:51  dhuffer ->  of course
09:03:55  MattinDaegu ->  lol
09:04:02  MattinDaegu ->  uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
09:04:05  MattinDaegu ->  what???
09:04:11  MattinDaegu ->  why NOT!?!?
09:04:23  dhuffer ->  so everyone has to ask Deborah individually?
09:04:32  dhuffer ->  thank you sara
09:04:37  MattinDaegu ->  indeed!!
09:05:05  MattinDaegu ->  don't overload Deborah, put it up!!!
09:05:37  jl ->  this is aaron
09:06:31  Stoakley ->  we see email
09:07:14  Stoakley ->  recalled
09:07:36  Stoakley ->  hear hear
09:07:52  MattinDaegu ->  it's been fantastically useful!
09:09:05  Stoakley ->  And vote for me!
09:09:17  Stoakley ->  oh, wait....i ain't runnin'
09:10:00  dhuffer ->  we'll write you in
09:12:48  Stoakley ->  Thanks, gents, for hosting this!
09:12:52  Stoakley ->  !shoosh
09:12:57  dhuffer ->  cheers!
09:13:13  Stoakley ->  und, go Drupal!
09:13:36  dhuffer ->  COBOL!!