MOOCast#1 - July 6, 2011

MOOCast#1 July 6, 2011
An open-ended discussion revolving around EduMOOC 2011
ParticipantsJeff Lebow (Korea), Vance Stevens (UAE),  John Graves (New Zealand), Rob Darrow (U.S), Dave Cormier (Canada), & Osvaldo Rodriguez (Argentina)

Chat Log Below

[21:47] JohnInNZ: Greetings.
[21:48] Jeff: Hi John - will probably start the stream in about 30 mins
[21:49] JohnInNZ: Thanks Jeff. You're probably busy, but I was hoping I could find a collaborator to work on this Poppet for eduMOOC theory:
[21:52] Jeff: That looks really cool. I'm not much of a theory guy personally, but would love to hear you talk about it. Will you be around for the webcast?
[21:52] Jeff: I think Dave Cormier will be showing up and I'm sure he'd be glad to talk some theory with you
[21:53] JohnInNZ: Don't have the required headset tonight, but may text a bit. And post elsewhere.
[21:55] Jeff : Planning on doing this about once a week - would be great to have you skype in when you're headset-ready - although this time is a bit late in NZ, yes?
[22:08] JohnInNZ: I sometimes work past midnight, but it IS past 1AM here now and I just came from presenting at a conference this afternoon:
[22:09] JohnInNZ: (in Firefox, that link plays my talk using text-to-speech)
[22:10] JohnInNZ: If I don't get a chance to ask Dave Cormier, could you get him to tell how he makes those videos with the handwriting?
[22:11] JohnInNZ:
[22:16] Jeff: Will do. Was wondering the same thing
[22:19] Jeff: Ah, you're that John. Thanks for all the wiki-to-speech stuff. Diigo'ed it as soon as I saw it
[22:23] JohnInNZ: Yep. I get into all this different stuff. Etherpad. Just trying here:
[22:23] JL: Yeah, that was another new discovery for me as well - pretty user friendly
[22:28] Jeff: John, I'm ready to rolll - would you like to skype in?
[22:33] JohnInNZ: To text? Sure.
[22:33] Jeff: ah, forgot about the lack of headset
[22:34] Jeff: skype out rates aren't bad to NZ landlines - got a phone handy?
[22:34] JohnInNZ: SkypeID is not part of our contacts spreadsheet.
[22:35] JohnInNZ: I'm seeing a slide from my talk on your webcast. Is that right?
[22:35] Jeff: yes
[22:36] Jeff: got my cam going now
[22:38] JohnInNZ: I've got you on UStream now.
[22:44] JohnInNZ: Where are you on chat?
[22:49] Jeff:
[22:51] Ann : hello all
[23:02] Jeff:
[23:04] guest362354: sounds good
[23:10] Clark Shah-Nelson: I wonder how this is happening via Skype but streaming on UStream...!
[23:13] davecormier: yo yo
[23:13] Clark Shah-Nelson: Thanks, Jeff!
[23:14] harbans from india: wellcome all participants
[23:20] Clark Shah-Nelson: It's quite unlike it's K counterpart: "A term coined by Douglas Rushkoff in an episode of PBS's "Frontline" entitled "The Merchants of Cool." Mooks are archetypal young males(teens-early 20s) who act like moronic boneheads. "
[23:21] Jeff: Stephen, George, & Dave conversation:
[23:22] Clark Shah-Nelson: I personally think of it as more of a conference than a course...
[23:23] JohnInNZ: I'm offline
[23:23] JohnInNZ: Listening. But lost the land line.
[23:23] JohnInNZ: I'm thinking just text.
[23:26] harbans from india: Could it possible to have slightly higher voulme thanks
[23:26] Clark Shah-Nelson: Could google add an option to search tags only - on various sites such as blogs, flickr, etc... ?
[23:32] davecormier:
[23:35] RobDarrow: Video very well done and worth the time. Great job.
[23:37] JohnInNZ:
[23:38] JohnInNZ: Wiki-to-Speech takes questions
[23:41] JohnInNZ:
[23:41] JohnInNZ: Disruptive Innovation
[23:45] davecormier:
[23:45] davecormier: first video of MOOC for basic skills
[23:45] cor_ar: what do i call in skype so as to chime?
[23:45] davecormier:
[23:46] Vance : sorry, lost the call
[23:46] Vance : fortunately there is this other channel
[23:47] Vance : Clayton C says in disrupting class that there sustained and disruptive innovation to explain how there are two planes of innovation
[23:47] Clark Shah-Nelson: @cor_ar: skype: worldbridges
[23:47] Jeff: Looks like you're back
[23:47] RobDarrow: Dave - Have you done a MOOC with your University profs similar to the college intro MOOC course for students? Seems like adoption is more challenging with profs than students?
[23:48] harbans from india: no audio as if disruption
[23:49] Clark Shah-Nelson: commercial break
[23:53] Vance : you have to have the literacy skills to be able to articulate the outcomes
[23:55] Vance : yes, can be miniscule (as opposed to massive)
[23:56] JohnInNZ: This Babel?
Thursday, July 7, 2011
[00:02] Vance : more mooc discussion on Sunday 1300 GMT
[00:02] Clark Shah-Nelson:
[00:03] Clark Shah-Nelson: a bunch of examples that "represent the MOOC approach" at the bottom there.
[00:04] JohnInNZ:
[00:05] RobDarrow: The "lurkers" of a MOOC - but how does one know if they are participating or not. Do they really leave? Are we saying people have to "do" something like write a blog post or Twitter to participate?
[00:05] harbans from india : excellent performance
[00:07] cor_ar: im still here but through ustream
[00:08] Clark Shah-Nelson: I wonder if there is any edumooc action on Google Plus?
[00:08] JohnInNZ: Cheers.
[00:08] Vance : I dropped out again
[00:08] Vance : skype did it
[00:08] Clark Shah-Nelson: Great stuff all!
[00:08] harbans from india : thanks
[00:09] cor_ar:
[00:51] jenny: wonderful here...
[00:55] jenny: Is English the only language available?