New Media in TEFL - Finding it, Using it, Producing it

New Media in TEFL - Finding it, Using it, Producing it
Jeff Lebow @ Busan KOTESOL 2010
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Thanks to all those who participated in the session.
Listen to conversation corner audio recordings below,
Take a look at Questions and Resources generated during the session,
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Full Size Presentation Participant conversations, questions, and suggestions about using New Media in TEFL

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Complete List of Links Below

New Media Video for Language Learning
ELL Podcasts
Video PodcastsMusic
Video Subtitling
  • - wiki style collaborative subtitling in multiple languages
  • - subtitled videos with lesson materials
Interactive Audio/Video
ELT Blogs & Communities
Producing New Media

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Live Interactive Streaming

   Live Interactive = using Skype or other telphony programs to connect students or classes in real time
   Streaming = allowing others to listen or watch a conversation or presentation live. Text room interaction and calling in to join the conversation is also possible.

Student Projects - Interactive & Streaming

Live Professional Development

Streaming Services & Programs

Media Hosting


Questions generated during the session

  • Can you recommend tutorials to help us learn how to use some of the tools you talked about? from Lisa
    You can find some of the tutorials I've created at: and  Stay tuned for some updated screencasts and additional resources.
  • Which resources are best for teaching listening, especially for non-advanced learners?

Suggested Resources